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Just a few of our fans....

posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:50 PM by Sue Garing   [ updated Apr 28, 2016, 3:07 PM ]
A few of our fans...

I was at the EAS conference and fell in love with the tool. I bought two for myself and a few for others!!! Best tool I have seen yet!
                        - Dorothey Morgan, Lavender Lane Farm

"Brilliant!"                - Solway U.K. customer

    "I do a podcast on beekeeping and just plugged your hive tool. I purchased one from Rob at Evans Cedar and I rave about it all the time. It is really the best hive tool I've ever used." Kevin Inglin (BKCorner.org)   To hear his review,  BKCorner.org Episode 41, minutes 69:49 – 79:49 | Segment 6: New Hive Tool http://www.bkcorner.org/pages/episodes/episode-041.asp   "Run don't walk to get this hive tool"
"Most multi-used tool in my travel-to-hive carrying tray." - D. Smith, Baraboo WI

"Best thing since sliced bread" - A. Zudekoff, Huddlestom, VA

"It works very well and will replace my old one" - T. Gargash, Oneonta, NY

"Thank you for the hive tools.  I love them.  The tool is easy to use.  I particularly  like the double bend as it creates so much more flexibility with the tool.  It is a nice weight that is well balanced.  The angle of the scraper end really removes wax cleanly and smoothly" - M.Windle, Manchester, UK

"It's unquestionably the best hive tool I have used yet...and I can't see how it could be improved.  It's awesome!" - Rob E, www.evanscedarbeehives.com

"These tools are so easy to use and very useful to have"  Edward O'R,  Kirkcudbright, Scotland